Perfect Corp. Partners With Avon to Empower Its Sales Channel With Augmented Reality Technology

Perfect Corp. Partners With Avon to Empower Its Sales Channel With Augmented Reality Technology

Perfect Corp., the world’s leading beauty tech solutions provider and developer of the award-winning YouCam Makeup app, is proud to announce its partnership with Avon México integrating advanced augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) to empower Avon sales Representatives with a powerful facial analysis technology tool to deliver a more personalized consumer shopping experience.

Avon is an early adopter integrating Perfect Corp’s advanced AI and AR smart beauty technology within its digital shopping experience providing virtual try-on and shade matching for a selection of Avon PowerStay products across foundations, eye makeup, and lip categories, as well as Avon’s Advanced Techniques hair color collection.

The virtual try-on experience is available to over 400,000 active and independent Avon Representatives across the Mexican territory, to utilize as an enhanced sales tool through a digital catalog, inviting customers to engage with the Avon brand in a whole new, hyper-engaged way.

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Perfect Corp.’s true-to-life digital try-ons utilize patented Agile Face technology to automatically identify a users’ unique facial features, like eye and eyebrow shapes. The AR and AI-powered smart technology then recommends specific beauty products, hair colors, and makeup styles to best match each user.

“We are thrilled to partner with Avon Mexico to amplify their direct-to-consumer shopping experience with Perfect Corp.’s AR and AI beauty tech,” shares Alice Chang, Perfect Corp. Founder and CEO. “By empowering the Avon sales force with this unique, interactive virtual try-on tool, we are able to deliver a more engaged and fulfilling consumer shopping experience, delivering an impactful personal touch to their online shopping journey.”

“When we talk about AVON, we consider the thousands of enthusiastic men and women, that have leadership and economic independence and that have made the growth of the business possible.

To continue with this trend, Avon offers digital tools focused on boosting their sales and extending their reach to a more digital audience to generate more customers through both traditional business or social media,” commented Mónica Domínguez, Digital Representative Experience Manager for Avon NoLA.

Avon is an early adopter integrating beauty technology as an important step forward in its evolution as a leading brand. The brand looks to AR and AI technology to help solve the challenge of transferring the purchase experience to a digital environment in a more engaging and impactful way.

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