Perception Point, a leading cybersecurity firm preventing file, URL, and social-engineering based attacks in any content-exchange channel, announced its newest product – Advanced Salesforce Security – which will be added to its multi-channel advanced threat prevention offering.

Salesforce Acquires Evergage CDP platform to Enhance Personalization

The increase in enterprise communication and collaboration (EC&C) apps, among them CRM apps like Salesforce, has caught the attention of sophisticated attackers who are continuously seeking new ways to obtain sensitive information and financial gains. According to a survey conducted by Perception Point in 2018, two out of three companies experienced an EC&C-born attack. Leveraging techniques such as impersonation, phishing, malware, and even APTs, which were previously common only in the email domain, attackers are able to bypass existing security measures, causing severe damage to their targets. Perception Point has developed a one-of-a-kind solution that intercepts any attempt to attack an organization via Salesforce.

Do you need a Chief Customer Officer?

“A potential attack using CRM apps would leverage the Salesforce Customer Portal – a tool used by companies to manage their relations with end-users,” said Shlomi Levin, Co-founder, and CTO of Perception Point. “An attacker can pretend to be a client of a B2C company and use the Customer Portal framework to upload a malicious file, which would later be opened by Salesforce users, unknowingly compromising the entire organization.”