Pendo Adds Product Executive, Creates Virtual Summit to Explore the Complexities of the Emerging Digital Workplace

Pendo Adds Product Executive_ Creates Virtual Summit to Explore the Complexities of the Emerging Digital Workplace-01

Tatyana Mamut joins Pendo to drive innovation in digital adoption

Pendo, a platform that accelerates successful product adoption, today announced new senior product leadership and the inaugural Guide: The Digital Workplace Summit to fuel innovation and discussion around the challenges of the new digital and distributed workplace. Leading the initiative at Pendo is former Salesforce, Amazon, and Nextdoor product executive Tatyana Mamut, who will drive innovation within Pendo’s suite of digital adoption solutions as senior vice president of new products.

“Tatyana is a transformative product leader with a passion for helping companies adapt their workplaces for the future,” said Todd Olson, CEO and co-founder of Pendo. “I’m excited to put her energy, creativity and vision toward helping people adopt the software they need to do their jobs and their employers consider the ROI of their software investments.”

Mamut joins Pendo after a successful career leading new product development at industry-leading companies. At Salesforce, she led the redesign of its Lightning experience and developed the vision and roadmap for the IoT Cloud; at Amazon Web Services, she led the product team behind the recently-launched Honeycode no-code mobile and web app builder; and earlier in her career, at IDEO, she helped to pioneer its organizational design practice focused on the future of work. Most recently, she served as chief product officer at Nextdoor, where she worked to combat racial bias, launch new products and increase engagement on the platform by over 60%.

Mamut’s interest in workplace culture began early. To complete her PhD in anthropology, she wrote her dissertation about the culture change and economic growth that comes from catalyzing habit change in the workplace. Digital transformation is the latest forcing function for the workplace to evolve.

The recent Gartner report, Improve Employee Usage, Engagement and Productivity With Digital Adoption Solutions, says that employees are faced with increasing numbers of applications to learn and use to perform their jobs, creating technology adoption issues and decreased engagement. The same report says that by 2025, 70% of organizations will use digital adoption solutions across the entire technology stack to overcome still insufficient application user experiences. It emphasizes that application leaders must provide guidance and deploy digital adoption solutions as part of their digital transformation strategy.

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“Today’s conversations are shifting from when people will come back to work to how to make people more productive, engaged and happy wherever they sit,” said Mamut. “The real work of digital transformation is to enhance the employee experience; leaders need to understand how to impact people, not just create or buy the right software products. I’m thrilled to tackle this challenge at Pendo.”

Mamut will share her perspective on the new demands of the digital workplace as a keynote speaker at Pendo’s inaugural Guide: The Digital Adoption Summit on June 22, 2021. The half-day event is free and open to all, but will provide valuable insights for digital leaders in IT, sales operations and enablement, HR and learning and development—teams focused on making the most of their employee-facing software investments.

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