Passageways Introduces Native Zoom Integration With OnBoard

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Passageways Introduces Native Zoom Integration With OnBoard

In a first for the virtual board management software category, Passageways has introduced native integration between OnBoard and Zoom web conferencing software. This functionality is exclusive to OnBoard, available now across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, and is free for all customers.

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OnBoard has always supported the inclusion of virtual meeting details with one-tap access to web conferencing applications such as Zoom, WebEx, and GoToMeeting. This new native integration takes it a step further: meeting organizers, board directors, and executive leaders can now enjoy a seamless, single-app experience that leverages the benefits of both Zoom and OnBoard simultaneously. Once meeting organizers link their Zoom and OnBoard accounts, they can create a Zoom meeting directly within OnBoard without having to switch between the two apps.

By creating the Zoom meeting directly within OnBoard, meeting details remain secure and confidential. The native integration strengthens meeting security as all Zoom meeting details are held within the secure OnBoard platform, rather than shared via email, SMS, or standard calendar invites.

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“As organizations have had to switch to virtual meetings, native integration has consistently been the first thing they asked for,” said Passageways Co-Founder and CEO Paroon Chadha. “With this new functionality, they don’t have to switch between apps and don’t have to share Zoom links over email, SMS, or standard calendar invites. Zoombombing becomes a distant memory!”