Parler Announces Game-Changing NFT Marketplace – DeepRedSky

Parler Announces Game-Changing NFT Marketplace - DeepRedSky-01

Parler, the leading viewpoint-neutral, free speech social media platform, announces it’s reinventing the non-fungible token (NFT) space with its new premium branded marketplace, DeepRedSky.

The premium marketplace delivers an engaging yet simplified user experience and connects fans and collectors with world-class individuals and brands across politics, media, sports, and the arts. DeepRedSky will feature creators who share the values of freedom of expression and protection from Big Tech, Big Media, and Big Government.

Having already broken ground in the NFT space and powering a variety of projects with well-known creators, Parler CEO George Farmer says the development of DeepRedSky is an essential next step toward the company’s mission to be a frontrunner in Web3 technologies.

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“As promised, Parler is launching its inaugural NFT marketplace that will become the new standard in premium branded NFTs.”

Offering creator-to-peer NFTs with varying degrees of rarity, DeepRedSky is amping up the digital purchase experience through auctions, pack and drops, gumball machine schemas, and instant buys. Collectors can purchase NFTs via credit card and receive the assets through any wallet on the Solana blockchain.

Inaugural NFT Collection – Official CryptoTRUMP Club

DeepRedSky’s first showcase collection is the Official CryptoTRUMP Club featuring the one-of-a-kind personality of the 45th President of the United States. Each CryptoTRUMP is unique, with images of former President Donald Trump in various settings and elements. This early release on DeepRedSky comprises 250 extremely rare NFTs, part of a more extensive collection of 10,000 to be released.

Looking Ahead

The DeepRedSky Roadmap includes gamification, purchasing via cryptocurrency, groundbreaking marketplace features, and integration with the Parler platform to create a seamless social media and NFT experience.

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