Otabo Gets In Step with Customers and Vendors with Centric PLM™

Otabo Gets In Step with Customers and Vendors with Centric PLM

Centric Software® is delighted to announce the release of a success story about its customer, Otabo.

Otabo is an international, full-service footwear manufacturing company that levels the playing field for smaller brands and elevates agility and efficiency for larger companies. Otabo was launched in 2016 by founder and CEO Sabrina Finlay. Today, Otabo has a network of 50+ factories at its disposal. It is relationship forward and quality focused.

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Otabo quickly outgrew spreadsheets, Word docs and emails as the engines of their product development process. The company wanted to increase their own efficiency and selected Centric PLM as the vehicle to drive their digital transformation. After implementation, transparency is increased for customers and vendors, all product data is organized in one central location and workflows streamlined are redefined.

Otabo had the foresight to have contingency plans in place prior to the pandemic but when it hit, the company took remarkable, admirable actions. These steps allowed them to navigate the pandemic with exceptional agility, pulling together with both their customers and competitors to navigate through this extreme market disruption. How did they do it?

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