Orthodontic Marketing Leader Announces 3 Options for Social Media Marketing

Orthodontic Marketing Leader Announces 3 Options for Social Media Marketing-01

Kaleidoscope, the leading digital marketing company for Orthodontic Marketing Leader practices announces our descriptive, illustrative journey through our new One Stop Shop’s Wheel of Services…first stop:


Chief Executive Officer, Ted Teele offers this, “Social media marketing has become increasingly more important for doctors as a vital part of their overall marketing strategy. Research shows that 86% of people check out a practice online before making an appointment. What will they find on your social-media pages?  Kaleidoscope’s social media marketing ‘spoke’ in our Wheel of Services provides a really fantastic digital capability for every orthodontic, dental and medical practice.”

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Kaleidoscope offers three options:

  1. Drive Yourself. Utilizing our platform and marketing content.
  2. Take Turns Driving. With coaching and guidance to promote the most engagement possible.
  3. Cruise Control…Let us do all of the work for you.

Utilizing social media as part of your marketing journey is like any story that one might relate about a really fantastic trip… and storytelling…is EVERYTHING!  Every business starts with a story, and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will welcome each practice’s posts, spreading their personalized orthodontic LOVE worldwide as the practice grows in both popularity and profitability!

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