“Orchid Black” formerly Morgan Hill Partners Grows To New Heights With Rebrand

Orchid Black formerly Morgan Hill Partners Grows To New Heights With Rebrand (1)

Morgan Hill Partners, announced today the company’s complete rebrand in conjunction with their focus and business thesis: assessing, partnering, executing, and, most importantly — growth.

Orchid Black is a boutique firm with a unique, highly-skilled team of operators who takes on limited clients, are hands-on partners, and offers a unique business model vested in success and value creation. Orchid Black has curated a one-of-a-kind team of individuals with an extraordinary track record of repeatable success.

“Orchid Black” represents the brand manifestation of their value prop – “Grow smart. Grow fast,” but there is way more to the name.

In the lush jungle of opportunity, Orchid Black hunts for a rare breed of partner — a promising business with a unique offering.  Like with any prized exotic orchid, an exceptional company’s true value emerges from expert pruning and care. Orchid Black tends and guides its clients, cultivating growth — and accelerating value creation. When properly nurtured, orchids thrive.

“The rapid pace of innovation generates a multitude of growth options for founding teams. Our passion is driving focused, data-driven, sustainable value creation.  Orchid Black’s team of Operators have vast experience delivering results,” says Founding Partner, Steven Horwitz. Founders bring a unique vision and an operating business that is cash flow-positive, or already in the black.

The year 2020 has brought new uncertainties and obstacles. The visionaries and entrepreneurs who will thrive are those already looking forward. Orchid Black is here to help uplift those select companies and amplify their value in the marketplace—and in the world.

“History has shown that some of the best, most resilient companies, and ultimately impactful companies were born (or reformed) during tumultuous times – like those we live in today,” says Founding Partner, Jim Barnish Jr.  “The emergence of Orchid Black represents this level of resiliency and ‘grow smart, grow fast’ mentality we have with our clients.”

“Orchid Black was essential in delivering a strategy helping me raise capital and continues to assist me in driving pipeline and revenue,” says GoGig CEO and Founder, Chris Hodges. Orchid Black’s team of business growth experts not only brings deep experience in funding/exit strategy development but also focuses on product development, marketing, sales, channel strategy/design, and operations.