Orbee Seamlessly integrates its Customer Data Platform and Data Lake Solutions with DealerSocket CRM to Allow Dealers to Automate Digital Marketing Utilizing First-Party Data

Orbee Integrates its Customer Data Platform and Data Lake Solutions with DealerSocket CRM to Enable Dealers to Automate Digital Marketing Utilizing First-Party Data

Orbee, the most comprehensive digital marketing solutions provider designed for automotive dealerships and groups, has enhanced its integration with DealerSocket CRM to enable dealers to onboard customer and prospect data into Orbee’s data lake to further enhance their digital marketing. The integration enables dealers to pull rich DealerSocket customer profiles, activities, and sales and service information securely and automatically into Orbee. Dealers can then push activity and note logs from Orbee’s automated marketing into DealerSocket to maintain the integrity of the customer record in the CRM.

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By utilizing the certified API integration, mutual customers will increase the value and utility of their first-party data using Orbee’s platform to drive more conversions for new and used car sales, retention of service customers, and more adoption of F&I products. Additionally, dealerships can consolidate their marketing efforts into a single platform and reduce their exposure from sharing sensitive data through email and spreadsheets with redundant marketing vendors ahead of the FTC’s GLBA Safeguard Rule deadline.

Auto dealers who take advantage of this integration will also gain powerful marketing capabilities from Orbee that will enable them to leverage their existing CRM data to:

  • Identify anonymous shoppers who have visited their web properties using the data already in their CRM thus minimizing the cost of third-party identity services.
  • Create rich shopper profiles and targetable segments that can be utilized in automated marketing including email, search and social advertising, and on-site personalization
  • Send rich journey-based email campaigns to their existing customers and prospects based on smart filters and automated triggers that combine CRM and CDP data
  • Build attribution models for offline sales data by connecting the CRM data with online shopper activity
  • Increase data safeguards by activating CRM data through software integration rather than traditional non-compliant methods

“This is different from sharing CRM lists with providers that promise to drive more leads using the dealership’s own data; the relationships with shoppers and prospects that they spent significant time and money to build,” stated Atul Patel, CEO and Co-Founder of Orbee. “This seamless integration with DealerSocket gives our customers the ability to keep their first-party data for themselves and activate the data across all their digital marketing efforts in a single SaaS platform while preparing for the revised FTC’s GLBA Safeguards Rule.”

“Adding Orbee to our partner network contributes to the growth and success of our dealer customers. We are delighted to have them as part of the DealerSocket network,” said Greg Hammond, Senior Business Development Manager, DealerSocket.

This integration is available to DealerSocket customers and can be easily implemented across multiple rooftops. To learn more about this integration For more such updates follow us on Google News TalkCMO News. Subscribe to our Newsletter for more update

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