One of the CDP’s main objectives is to create a persistent and unified single customer view. Traditionally this had been achieved by collecting and processing batches of data from disconnected sources and availing them in a marketer-friendly manner.

Today’s rapidly changing customer requires brands to keep their unified records updated with realtime data.  As a result, CDPs need to evolve to combine real-time event streaming (such as when a purchase is made, inventory changes, etc.) with their existing batch processing capabilities.

Optimove’s new database infrastructure brings marketers and data analysts closer than ever before to all their customer data. With Optidata in place, brands can seamlessly share all the up-to-date unified data with any internal system, leverage it to power proprietary models, and access it to create any custom attribute desired.

By transitioning from pulling static tables, stored in isolated data systems, to connecting all sources through live streams of data, Optidata hurls Optimove robust CDP into the future, providing a true leap into what used to be a marketing utopia and is now a reality.

CEO and Founder of Optimove, Pini Yakuel: “Optimove has always prided itself on providing smart marketing teams with the technology they need to build emotionally intelligent relationships with their customers. Optidata is a long-awaited innovation that enables marketers to leverage and visualize real-time customer data within a CDP ensuring the right customers get the right messages, through the right channels, every time.”

Optidata is the latest addition to Optimove’s actionable CDP, cementing its ability to empower marketing teams to create, orchestrate and optimize highly personalized customer experiences that maximize Customer Lifetime Value.