Online Ordering and Loyalty Platform Provider Appfront Joins PAR Technology’s Brink Integration Partner Ecosystem

Online Ordering and Loyalty Platform Provider

ParTech, Inc. (PAR), a global restaurant technology company and unified commerce cloud platform for enterprise restaurants, is adding Appfront, an online ordering and loyalty platform, to its industry-leading Brink POS® ecosystem. ParTech, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of PAR Technology Corporation (NYSE:PAR).

Appfront gives restaurant operators the power to create a streamlined ordering experience for their guests by integrating directly with Brink POS. Their technology also allows restaurants to design personalized campaigns for 1:1 guest outreach and use customer data form various sources to better understand and segment audiences. Appfront also provides users with the ability to create loyalty and rewards programs, so concepts can stay connected with their biggest fans.

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“Over the past couple of months, we have been getting more requests from new customers asking about an integration with Brink POS,” Ori Weisler, founder of Appfront, said. “PAR’s name comes up regularly during our discussions with small- and medium-sized customers, and always in a positive way when it comes to technology. But when we’re discussing add-on solutions for digital, there seems to be a gap for small- and mid-sized restaurants. We decided to connect with PAR as we believe Appfront can complement Brink POS with our quick and seamless solution for restaurants and virtual kitchens.”

Appfront’s hybrid ordering and loyalty solution can help restaurants transition their customers and sales online. Weisler says many of the app’s customers are reporting more than 60% transition to digital. Customers also have the option of fully customizing their online ordering platform with their logo, brand colors, tone of voice, and layout.

“We’re excited to add Appfront to our integration ecosystem, especially because they serve such a unique audience,” Chad Horn, Director of Strategic Partnerships for PAR, said. “Smaller restaurant chains don’t always have access to the data they need to stay connected with their audiences. This lack of easily accessible data may also make it difficult for them to provide a top-notch online ordering experience for their guests. Appfront makes it easier for those smaller concepts to do both.”

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