Omniconvert is Giving Away €5M in Credits to Fund Survival of E-commerce Merchants by Providing Access to Advanced Growth Marketing Technology

Omniconvert, E-commerce Merchants, Marketing Technology
Omniconvert, E-commerce Merchants, Marketing Technology

Omniconvert, a company specialized in developing marketing technologies for e-commerce companies, offers the possibility of all SMEs in the e-commerce sector to access technologies to improve their conversion rate. The total cumulative value of the financing is 5 million euros and is aimed to support small and medium-sized companies in nine sectors throughout the world.

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As the medical challenge created by the COVID-19 pandemic becomes a real threat in more and more countries, it is clear that the level of economic uncertainty is increasing. In this period, the most affected are SMEs, which must find new ways to streamline their marketing efforts. These businesses need to make significant changes and get the most out of their marketing investments.

Professor John Quelch, of Harvard Business School, who has analyzed the last economic downturn, says: “In a recession, consumers become value-oriented, distributors are concerned about cash, and employees worry about their jobs. But, a downturn is no time to stop spending on marketing.

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Omniconvert has the purpose of helping small and medium-sized e-commerce companies to not only survive but to thrive. Since 2013, Omniconvert has been helping hundreds of e-commerce companies improve their conversion rates. The company’s technology empowers marketers to understand and nurture their customers better through surveys, to segment them automatically by using RFM analysis, to run A/B testing, and to personalize their websites, all so that they can generate more revenue from their existing traffic and emails.

Omniconvert is going to support hundreds of e-commerce merchants all over the world by passing on the benefit of their technology and expertise.