Omnicom Partners with AWS to Advanced Advertising Campaign Development with Generative AI

Omnicom Partners with AWS to Advanced Advertising Campaign Development with Generative AI

Omnicom Group Inc. today announced a first-mover collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to reimagine creativity and accelerate innovation with generative AI foundational models for advertising. As part of the collaboration, Omnicom will use AWS generative AI and machine learning (ML) services, including Amazon Bedrock and Amazon EC2 Trn1n instances powered by AWS Trainium chips that are purpose-built for ML workloads, to help accelerate the transformation of advertising campaign development.

Working with AWS, Omnicom will advance its AI-powered platform Omni – an open operating system which today uses AWS to ingest trillions of advertising signals monthly and store more than 10 petabytes of data – by creating new foundational models that help automate activities such as developing creative briefs, media plans, ad creative, audience segmentation, and performance measurement.

This collaboration will expand how Omnicom leverages their industry-leading datasets within Omni and will add capabilities powered by out-of-the box foundational models (FM) via Amazon Bedrock. Omnicom will run these generative AI models using AWS Inferentia ML inference chips, designed to deliver performance at the lowest cost, as well as low-energy efficiency purpose-built chips, designed with low-energy efficiency deep learning (DL) inference applications.

Pairing Omnicom’s open operating system with AWS generative AI services and purpose-built silicon for machine learning will help improve and further enable the automation of the entire advertising campaign and creative journey development on behalf of brands. It will help empower marketers to fully harness data insights and reinvent their customer experiences with less heavy lifting.

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“We are committed to our mission of creating end-to-end solutions for clients, everywhere, swiftly and efficiently,” said Jonathan Nelson, CEO of Omnicom Digital. “The innovation, security, simplicity, and reliability of AWS machine-learning and generative AI services help us accelerate our data capabilities to deliver transformational innovation and results to our customers. We look forward to getting unique access of AWS models and together pioneering the complete transformation of the advertising campaign end-to-end journey together.”

“It’s important for us to find transformational ways to help advertisers reach their goals,” said Adam Gitlin, President, Annalect. “Amazon Bedrock, together with AWS Trainium and AWS Inferentia chips purpose built for machine learning will help us accelerate the transformation of advertising campaign development, creative generation, insights and recommendations. By unlocking advertisers first-party data, we can create more powerful advertising campaigns through trained, purpose-built LLMs that are unique to them, secure, protected, and private.”

“For more than a decade, Omnicom has worked with AWS to boost its creative processes with the latest technological advances. Generative AI will soon change the advertising industry completely, and we’re excited to continue experimenting with Amazon Bedrock foundation models (FMs) so that our customers can benefit from these recent advancements,” said Vasi Philomin, Vice President, Generative AI at AWS. “By using Amazon Bedrock, our ML capabilities, and FMs, Omnicom will help brands transform their customer experiences and marketing outcomes.”

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