Ogury Announces Unique Fraud Prevention Capabilities to Ensure Fraud Free In-App Ad Campaigns

Ogury Announces Unique Fraud Prevention Capabilities to Ensure Fraud Free In-App Ad Campaigns

Ogury partners with DoubleVerify to assist in the fight against ad fraud and its harmful impact on advertisers

Ogury, the global leader in mobile advertising driven by user choice, announced today the addition of proprietary App Spoofing Prevention and a partnership with DoubleVerify – a leading software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics – to strengthen its commitment to fight fraud in advertising. Available today to new and current advertisers, these enhancements add two layers of fraud prevention to ensure ads are delivered to real humans in the intended environment.

The ad tech ecosystem has recognized issues with fraud, toxic data and unsavory content. According to a report from Juniper Research, invalid traffic and fraud schemes were estimated to siphon $42 billion from advertisers across the globe last year by misrepresenting impressions, clicks, conversion or data events to generate revenue. A particular vulnerability in the mobile in-app space is app spoofing, which is when a fake, low volume, or brand unsafe apps disguise themselves as a more premium app to garner higher CPMs.

“Ad fraud puts advertisers’ investments and reputations at risk with consumers. While many advertisers rely on third-party fraud reporting, these technologies often report on fraud only after it happens, which is too late,” said Ogury’s Senior Vice President of Product Antoine Barbier. “Ogury Brand Protection consists of three pillars: data safety, ensuring traceable and trusted consent in compliance with GDPR and CCPA, brand safety, vetting all partners to ensure appropriate content for our advertisers, and fraud prevention. The release of our proprietary technology and our partnership with DoubleVerify strengthen our fraud prevention pillar, employing multiple levels of protection to ensure advertisers are protected pre-bid, and enabling advertisers to run virtually fraud-free campaigns.”

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Ogury has enhanced its Fraud Prevention capabilities with the addition of two new proactive technologies, combining pre-bid detection and avoidance:

  • Proprietary App Spoofing Prevention: With a unique view of user app possession, Ogury’s proprietary technology verifies bid request data so apps cannot misrepresent where the impression will show. The technology validates that the user owns the app represented in the bid request, finding instances of app spoofing beyond what can be identified by any third-party vendor. And, fraud is blocked pre-bid, before ad dollars are wasted on a spoofed impression; mismatch apps are blocked, and an Anti-Spoof Safelist is automatically updated with verified publishers.
  • DoubleVerify holistic fraud avoidance, a technology offered by default on every Ogury activation. DoubleVerify’s solution detects and avoids all types of fraud and invalid traffic (including app spoofing) before the impression is monetized, proactively safeguarding advertisers’ brand dollars and ensuring a stronger ROI.

“We are proud to partner with Ogury to enhance its fraud prevention capabilities for advertisers, strengthening the protection Ogury is able to offer brands,” said Steven Woolway, EVP, DoubleVerify. “DV’s fraud solution detects all types of sophisticated invalid traffic – including app fraud, malware, hijacked devices and more. DV’s goal to build trust and transparency in the advertising environment – enabling marketers to have clarity and confidence in their digital investment.”

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