Octopai, the leader in metadata management automation, today launched the newest version of its platform, featuring more advanced metadata analysis as well as an Automated Business Glossary and integration capabilities that enable collaboration with leading data governance and data catalog players.

Well-known for its advanced data lineage, Octopai continues to introduce more capabilities to empower Business Intelligence teams and business users to work more quickly, accurately, and efficiently with their data.

Businesses are drowning in data that they desperately need and yet cannot effectively locate, manage, control or utilize with antiquated data management tools. In order to solve that, businesses must modernize their approach.

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Octopai’s sophisticated cloud-based metadata analysis platform includes modules for data discovery, horizontal (system-to-system) and vertical (column-to-column) data lineage, and an automated Business Glossary that can be implemented in less than 24 hours.

After speaking with hundreds of Octopai users, the message was clear: Business Intelligence teams need to automate the way they work together, both for their delivery needs as well as to enable business users to trust and control their data from across their multi-vendor environments. Users also have asked Octopai to enable integration with other platforms such as Data Governance and Data Catalog so that organizations can further leverage Octopai’s sophisticated metadata analysis.

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Octopai is now introducing several notable new capabilities:

  • Automated Business Glossary: business users now get one source of truth for all business terms, definitions, and descriptions, putting an end to the never-ending search to understand business term meaning
  • Extended analysis for Tableau: providing a deep level of analysis and coverage of metadata with intuitive column-to-column visualization
  • API for 3rd-party integration: enabling collaboration with data governance and data catalog vendors
  • Next-level SQL parsing engine: with nested queries, expressions, and more

“Octopai is paving the way in empowering Business Intelligence teams with metadata management automation to control the data movement process and enable business users to understand and maximize their data,” said Amnon Drori, CEO and Co-founder of Octopai. “We’ve listened closely to our customers and users, and are very proud to be giving them the automation they need for easier collaboration and integration. We are guided by the actual needs of the market, and there is much more to come. Business Intelligence teams are clear about what they want, and we deliver.”

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