Octi, the first social network that uses augmented reality to connect people in real life, launched on Apple iOS. Built on cutting-edge, patented technology and tested with thousands of high school students across Southern California, Octi provides the most exciting vision of our augmented reality future to date.

Imagine pointing your phone’s camera at a friend and instantly seeing their social profile floating around them on-screen, including their favorite YouTube videos, Spotify songs, and personal photos, along with an overlay of fun effects and stickers. Octi does exactly that, making in-person interaction the foundation for connecting on the network.

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To accomplish this vision, the company raised a total of $12 million from the world’s leading investors, brands, and consumer technology executives, including Live Nation, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Peter Diamandis’ Bold Capital Partners, Human Ventures, I2BF, Tom ConradRich GreenfieldScott Belsky, and Josh Kushner.

“Octi is a unique mobile app that actually encourages its users to interact with each other in real life, in an era where technology has made it far too easy to avoid in-person relationships,” said Rich Greenfield, partner at LightShed Partners and noted social media analyst. “Think back to the iconic TV series Friends, where everyone sat around actually communicating with each other. Octi has created an impressive technology that gives teens a compelling reason to be present and communicates with their phones, while gathered with their closest friends.”

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“Octi is the first company I’ve seen that has created a compelling, AR-native framework for social interaction, one based on cutting-edge technology and far-sighted insights into how we’ll communicate with each other in the coming years,” said Tom Conrad, the Chief Product Officer of Quibi and former VP of Product for Snap.