Obsession Media, LLC and Adsonica® announced that they had formed a partnership to offer a one-of-a-kind digital media offering for political campaigns, targeting candidates and advocacy groups competing for limited advertising inventory in markets that will likely determine the outcome of the 2020 elections.

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Branded “Reach Key Voters” the package provides access to more than 2 billion display monthly ad impressions across all 50 states through Obsession Media’s aggregated network of local broadcast TV station web sites and mobile apps in a single, efficient ad buy.  This vast reach is further enhanced by exclusive access to the patented IP of sound-injected ad technology from Adsonica, with the potential to more than triple the CTR and double the recall of a campaign’s ad content. Taking less than 5 minutes to prepare, Adsonica, a 2020 Reed Awards finalist, enables near real-time updating of a candidate’s sonic messaging in their banner advertising campaigns.

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In a combined statement, Obsession Media’s Nick Rhodes and John West stated, “Obsession Media packages content across all broadcast TV platforms and has created a single source to enable local activation at a national scale.  Our digital marketplace, combined with the exclusive Adsonica IP creates a potent offering for candidates and advocacy groups, unavailable anywhere else in media.”