Nosto and Attentive launch new partnership, giving brands power to create personalized commerce experiences for SMS-driven traffic


Nosto today announced the launch of its native integration with Attentive, paving the way for more personalized shopping experiences for SMS-driven traffic.

This new partnership allows brands to tailor commerce experiences in a more powerful way, driving improvements in online revenue, customer engagement, and retention. This integration is a powerful addition to any retailer’s toolkit that is using both Nosto and Attentive, especially as the retail world heads into the busiest shopping period of the year.

The integration gives merchants access to a pre-built Attentive traffic source segment within Nosto’s Commerce Experience Platform (CXP), capturing all SMS-generated traffic and enabling hyper-personalized experiences for that specific segment of shoppers via Product Recommendations, Category Merchandising, Search, Content Personalization, A/B Testing, Visual User-Generated Content and more.

Building personalized experiences for SMS traffic gives brands the ability to welcome shoppers from text messages with tailored pop-ups, trigger banners that match the content of the SMS message, filter product recommendations to show only items that the SMS promotion applies to, sort category pages to match the specific SMS message, as well as frequent reminders of promos or coupon codes, and countdown timers for certain promotions to add urgency.

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“SMS marketing has proven in the past years to be one of the most powerful channels to re-engage and cultivate your existing customers. By leveraging Nosto’s CXP and Attentive’s SMS marketing capabilities, retailers can now tailor the entire experience—from the message itself to every subsequent impression in the shopping journey,” says Frank Zimmerman, Global Head of Partnerships, Nosto.

Optimizing for traffic originating from SMS marketing campaigns by completely customizing the shopping experience using Nosto, merchants can expect lower bounce rates and increased conversion rates for SMS campaigns. Plus, rich behavioral analytics with this integration opens up a wealth of optimization opportunities specific to the SMS segment by looking at product views, bounce rates, trend analysis, affinity detection, day/time preferences, as well as search term analysis—all of which can be used to increase revenue per shopper.

With more retailers turning to SMS as a marketing channel, this integration ensures that they needn’t sacrifice personalized experiences for online shoppers engaging via text message. As we approach peak season and shoppers wait for specific offers and promotions delivered straight to their cell phone SMS inbox, the Nosto and Attentive integration is a vital upgrade to merchant tech stacks as they look to make personalized shopping experiences a priority.

“The only thing consistent about digital marketing is that it’s always changing. We see brands continually looking for better, more personalized, ways to engage with their customers and meet them where they are—on their mobile devices,” says Greg Bauman, Director of Partnerships, Attentive. “Through this new integration with Nosto, we’re able to deliver more tools to innovative brands to shape the way they communicate with their customers.”

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