NightDragon and Vrge Partner to Boost Market and Media Exposure for Portfolio Companies


NightDragon, a dedicated cybersecurity, safety, security, and privacy (CSSP) investment and advisory firm, announced a new strategic partnership with Vrge Strategies, a leading strategic communications firm operating at the intersection of technological disruption, cybersecurity, and government. The new partnership will support NightDragon’s portfolio of companies by helping strengthen marketing, branding, and communications strategies, with a focus on broadcast media.

Vrge is a highly regarded authority in the strategic communications field, with more than a decade of experience managing broadcast media strategies and communications campaigns for cybersecurity clients. Through this partnership, Vrge will now help NightDragon companies deepen their brands and international market awareness by building broadcast media strategies and gaining access to leading broadcast providers, including CNN, Bloomberg, CNBC, Fox, Fox Business, and hundreds of local television affiliates. Vrge was recently selected as a 2023 finalist for the Exclusive Content Strategy award from PR Daily’s Media Relations Awards.

“Building a strong brand and market awareness is key for startups in cybersecurity, safety, security, and privacy to deliver on their missions to secure the world for tomorrow,” said Dave DeWalt, Founder and CEO, NightDragon. “NightDragon is proud to partner with Vrge to help our companies become established and recognized thought leaders in cybersecurity, national security and adjacent areas”.

Vrge has deep connections and experience across the media industry and is a trusted authority on cybersecurity, government, and national defense issues. Additionally, Vrge has worked with clients across numerous verticals relevant to NightDragon companies, including supply chain, digital identity verification, online consumer safety, small business cyber hygiene, Next-Gen SOAR, Next-Gen SIEM, endpoint security, and more. Vrge’s experience working across these sectors and the firm’s expertise and connections in cybersecurity and national media positions the organization as an ideal partner to help amplify NightDragon portfolio’s brands and presence locally and globally through broadcast and other media.

“Today’s cybersecurity companies are focused on missions that are nothing short of imperative to our national and economic security,” said Josh Zecher, partner and co-founder of Vrge Strategies. “A differentiated story, compelling content, and a relentless focus on the challenges that target markets face are the ingredients for compelling and impactful communications campaigns that drive and support business objectives. We are honored that NightDragon has provided us with the tremendous opportunity to work with its portfolio companies.”

Through the Master Service Level (MSA) partnership agreement, Vrge will work with NightDragon companies to strengthen marketing, branding, and communications strategies, with a focus on broadcast media. In addition to preferred service rates, Vrge will provide NightDragon companies with preferred onboarding, guidance, and consultation on broadcast media strategy and related best practices. Meanwhile, Vrge will expand its network of leading venture capital-funded companies and thought leaders solving critical challenges within the cybersecurity, safety, security, and privacy industry.

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Vrge is the latest partnership added to the roster of Master Service Agreements as part of NightDragon’s NightScale platform, which provides a platform for growth to accelerate the go-to-market, talent, government services, and marketing efforts of NightDragon portfolio companies. It builds out complementary services to existing partnerships and programs within the ND Amplify marketing pillar, including with Prosek Partners.

Lisa Hayashi, CMO of NightDragon portfolio company, Safeguard Cyber, commented, “The partnerships that NightDragon facilitates have brought incredible value and direction in all aspects as we navigate the scaling of our organization. It’s exciting to see another partner join this powerhouse network to help us further grow our marketing and communications efforts.”

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