Nexway Reinforces Its Robust Worldwide Alternative to App Stores

Nexway Reinforces Its Robust Worldwide Alternative to App Stores

E-commerce and payment leader Nexway provides a secure and compliant alternative sales and distribution channel for software, games and digital products.

Nexway SAS, a leading e-commerce provider helping digital companies connect to the global market, today announced it has reinforced its distribution platform offering by completing the latest compliance and security mandates for Europe.

In keeping with the new PSD2 guidelines in Europe for payment service providers, when Nexway acts as Merchant of Record for app purchases made on their distribution platform, they now can ensure compliance in required areas such as SCA implementation, real-time fraud detection and two-factor authentication exemption programs.

Nexway provides a robust worldwide alternative to the primary app stores for software publishers looking for options that afford them more agility. Publishers benefit from:

  • Higher profit margin, as app stores typically charge 30% commission to publishers
  • Freedom to deploy more quickly and independently
  • Ability to offer free product trials
  • Closer customer relationships, by allowing publishers to communicate directly with app users via email

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While providing this increased flexibility, Nexway also provides publishers with the peace of mind of working with a trusted e-commerce leader with over 20 years experience and hundreds of clients worldwide. Nexway has a long history of managing software distribution, payments, taxes and fraud in over 140 countries. Their full-service offer also includes fast set-up, customer support and seamless order fulfillment.

“Today’s software publishers, both startups and multinational enterprises, are looking for new alternatives to enable agility when launching new app products, without being beholden to tech giants,” said Casey Potenzone, Chief Strategy Officer of Nexway. “Nexway provides a conduit to market entry and an alternative platform for wider distribution. In a world where Apple and Google can ban Epic Games’ Fortnite from their app stores and flatly stop access, publishers need to know that other options are available.”

Nexway offers the industry’s most comprehensive product and service suite in the subscription billing and e-commerce space, with its core solutions Nexway Monetize and Nexway Connect. Nexway SAS services more than 400 clients around the globe to sell their products in up to 180 countries.

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