Next Earth introduces the world’s first Metaverse lot gift card


Next Earth one of the largest metaverses in the world and the first on the web3 located on the exact replica of planet Earth has launched the world’s first metaverse lot gift card . The new product allows individuals and businesses to easily enter the Metaverse and property owners become by simply purchasing a property voucher. Next Earth’s goal is to use the unique structure and technical solutions of the Earth-based Web3 Metaverse to enable anyone to enter the Web3 ecosystem without the need for any prior technical knowledge to gain instant access to this new field of to offer opportunities. Since launching in the summer of 2021, Next Earth has sold around $12 million worth of virtual properties on its platform. The Metaverse has nearly 300,000 registered users and nearly 50,000 property owners.

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“ Our vision is to open up the metaverse to everyone by making it accessible and affordable. We are building a complex and equitable ecosystem on Next Earth where every user can benefit from the values ​​created on the platform. With the recently launched Metaverse property gift card, we aim to onboard a large number of new users,” said Gabor Rétfalvi, CEO of Next Earth. “Owning land on Next Earth offers endless possibilities thanks to developments that will be completed by the end of the year. Users will be able to link their Metaverse properties to their existing website. They can build their own businesses there or even create a whole new level on the surface of the earth. Businesses and influencers can also benefit from the fact that our Metaverse’s shape is directly connected to the real Earth,” he added. Future developments include the release of Next Earth’s developer portal and API (application programming interface) suite, the enable any developer or company to create new applications and utilities on the platform.

The Next Earth Metaverse Gift Card is available to businesses and individuals  directly from the Next Earth website and is also sold online through popular marketplace portals worldwide. The gift card allows you to purchase any available tile in the Next Earth Metaverse for the value of the voucher. All purchased land on Next Earth can be minted as an NFT.

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