Nexa and SearchKings Teaming Up to Offer Businesses a Comprehensive Demand Generation Solution

Nexa and SearchKings Teaming Up to Offer Businesses a Comprehensive Demand Generation Solution

Nexa Receptionists Holdings LLC (“Nexa”), the leading provider of tech-enabled business services for companies of all sizes across the US, and SearchKings, one of the fastest-growing digital advertising agencies for small- to mid-sized businesses in North America, announced today a partnership to help clients in the home services, healthcare, legal, real estate and retail & eCommerce industries scale their revenue.

The comprehensive solution starts with top-tier digital advertising to generate leads and ends with rapid omnichannel business answering to increase conversions and sign-up new customers.

“We regularly hear from clients that our 24/7 call, chat and text offerings help them significantly reduce costs while expanding service and lead capture,” said Nexa CEO Jeff Mosler. “This partnership creates a new way to execute on that mission—clients can leverage the end-to-end SearchKings and Nexa solution to maximize speed-to-market and return on investment.”

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Rather than hiring and training in-house staff, customers can use SearchKings’ expertise as a Google Premier Partner and Microsoft Elite Partner to create customized, lead-generating digital advertising campaigns and then leverage Nexa’s expert-level virtual receptionist, call answering and live chat & text services to improve their response times and boost campaign lead conversion—driving down marketing costs and increasing revenue along the way.

“Lead generation is much more than just ‘making the phone ring’ in 2021,” said SearchKings President Darryl Margaux. “Today, businesses are measured and graded on their ability to answer calls in real time, and provide accurate feedback to companies like Google and Microsoft in order to maximize campaign performance. By partnering with a company like Nexa, our customers are modernizing their business and paving the way for continued success in the ruthless world of digital advertising.”

“From the onset of our relationship, it’s been clear that Nexa and SearchKings shared a passion for creating high-value outcomes for our clients,” said Mosler. “We’re excited to partner with SearchKings and see how this comprehensive solution helps drive real growth for both our clients.”

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