NewsBreak launches Brand Suitability Controls for Advertisers


NewsBreak, the nation’s leading AI-powered local news and information platform with 60M MAU, launched Brand Suitability Controls, a new suite of tools to help brands ensure that content adjacent to advertisements meets their brand’s specific suitability requirements.

Using machine learning and human-based content classification, an advertiser can now allowlist and denylist IAB industry standardized content categories at the article level. These granular controls, designed in accordance with GARM industry standards, empower an advertiser to define and avoid categories that do not align with their brand’s image and values, thereby curating an ad environment where their message appears only in contexts that meet their suitability requirements. Brand Suitability Controls also enable an advertiser to denylist and allowlist specific publishers they wish to not appear alongside.

NewsBreak’s suite of Brand Suitability Controls can be leveraged across in-article, in-feed, in-newsletter and immersive video placements, offering a range of options for advertisers. The controls are set at the campaign level, providing flexibility for agencies or advertisers who need to execute campaigns across multiple brands with different requirements.

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“For advertisers, protecting the integrity of their brand is paramount. Our Brand Suitability Controls safeguard their brand’s image and ensure its consistent presence on our local news and information platform while appearing alongside premium, trusted publishers, thus achieving brand equity at a massive, national scale.”-Scott Kelliher, Head of Revenue, NewsBreak.

“We built Brand Suitability Controls with the understanding that every brand has different requirements on what they deem suitable; it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. By offering article-level categorization and aligning with industry content standards, we cater to specific nuances and demands. Brand Suitability Controls are just the newest tool in what we expect to be a more extensive suite of brand safety solutions, especially as new capabilities with AI come into focus.” –Doupan Guo,VP, Ads, NewsBreak.

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