New Webstore and Partner Portal Accelerate Key Business Processes at Benshaw

New Webstore and Partner Portal Accelerate Key Business Processes at Benshaw

Benshaw Inc. has announced the recent launch of a new website and partner portal to facilitate the company’s goals for accelerating business processes and strengthening customer relationships.

Benshaw Express

The new webstore, called Benshaw Express, provides direct access to “Web-Stocked” and “QuickShip Modified” motor control products from Benshaw. Product lines represented in the webstore include Benshaw low and medium voltage soft starters, variable frequency drives and full voltage controls.

Important features of the webstore include an extensive parts and accessories inventory, wholesale pricing for authorized distributors, and, in the near future, a full integration with Benshaw’s internal business systems.

Benshaw Partner Portal

The Benshaw Partner Portal provides a collaborative environment for Benshaw’s sales and marketing team members, key customers and distribution partners around the world. The platform features a wide range of sales collateral, information resources and collaboration tools, along with an interactive online training center.

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Authorized resellers and OEM partners can access the Benshaw Partner Portal by contacting their Benshaw sales representative.

Karen Alberts, Manager, Marketing & Ecommerce at Benshaw, says, “Valued distributors, sales reps and key customers can use the new Benshaw Partner Portal as an ‘information hub’ for accessing and exchanging ideas and information related to Benshaw products, applications and the motor control market. It is a treasure trove of selling, marketing and service tools.”

Pete Morgan, President of Benshaw Inc., says, “At Benshaw, we are committed to helping our distributor and OEM partners achieve success. Our new webstore and partner portal add significant capabilities that strengthen our relationship with customers and, frankly, make Benshaw easier to do business with.”