Update Further Enhances All-in-One e-Clinical Solution to Address Emerging Clinical Research Demands

Mednet, a healthcare technology company, announced a new software release of its all-in-one e-clinical solution, iMednet. The recent update builds on Mednet’s strategic priorities to simplify and shorten study build times, increase efficiency in study execution and improve the overall user experience and scalability of the platform. The latest release was recently rolled out to existing customers and is also now available for new customers.

Mednet’s strategic product development plan focuses on fully optimizing its comprehensive, all-in-one eClinical solution to effectively support both the current and emerging demands of clinical trials. Enabling customers to build and execute studies as quickly as possible is a key component of the plan delivered in this latest software release. New iMednet features and enhancements include:

  • Manage Form in an Interval allows users to configure an individual form to be hidden/disabled/enabled conditionally, improving user experience and reducing study build time as designers do not need to create multiple grids to manage a subset of forms to display.
  • Business Logic (BL) enhancements enable variable name changes to automatically update across all BL, saving study designers significant time since they will not need to spend time identifying and fixing broken business logic.

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The new software release also includes the addition of a new framework for the Job Service to optimize the platform for bidirectional integration, while also improving the user experience and performance of jobs in iMednet. The framework, designed to refactor all jobs into an Amazon Web Service (AWS) solution, will enable iMednet to effectively scale for greater volume, including more concurrent studies and also an increase in larger studies.

“Increasing complexity of study designs, rapid growth in the number and sizes of studies and an ongoing pressure to build and execute studies as efficiently as possible – these are just a few of the pressures facing clinical research organizations today,” said Rob Robertson, chief executive officer, Mednet. “As an eClinical provider, we are committed to delivering a solution that helps our customers effectively address both current and emerging demands. This latest release further optimizes the iMednet platform with key enhancements to increase study build efficiency, improve the user experience and expand scalability.”

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