New Global Leadership & Development Path Opens For Non-Graduates To Enter Marketing

New Global Leadership _ Development Path Opens For Non-Graduates To Enter Marketing

TEAM LEWIS, the global marketing agency, today announced the creation of fifty new entry-level opportunities across all regions aimed at non-graduates, graduates and career changers. It will offer the freedom to choose a career in the marketing industry without a degree or relevant work experience.

The applicants shortlisted will be offered full-time paid positions while going through a rigorous training and development programme.

In 2020, a fifth of the global workforce was comprised of people between the ages of 15 and 24. Today, this group is recovering from the impacts of the Covid pandemic, resulting in an unemployment rate of 8.7% compared to 3.7% for older adults. Whether due to people opting out of university to avoid student debt or experiencing limited job opportunities in their original field of study, workplaces will miss out on talent if degrees are entrance requirements for employment.

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“Over the years, we’ve seen more talent from a diverse range of backgrounds and believe all individuals should be given the opportunity to show their ability. If organizations want to be diverse and inclusive, they should be more open to different types of skills, intelligence and creativity. With the right training and attitude, we believe it is possible for anyone to succeed in this industry,” said Jen Wu, VP, People APAC & EMEA.

As part of the RISE programme, trainees will be able to earn and learn through training, certification, shadowing and a global work exchange programme. They will be exposed to all facets of marketing and operating a strategic and creative consultancy. RISE is part of TEAM LEWIS’ ongoing action programme to address diversity, inclusion, communication and equality (DICE).

Earlier this year, TEAM LEWIS conducted global research on Gen Z and the future of the workplace, in support of the HeForShe movement. The research revealed that Gen Z placed personal growth opportunities as the top factor when it comes to evaluating employment opportunities. While gender and race were identified as the top qualities of diversity by Gen Z, diversity of thought and inclusion ranked second and third respectively.

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