New Analytics Tools for Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Salesforce Marketing Cloud is launching three new analytics tools powered by Datorama, the brand technology it acquired six months ago.

The Datorama Marketing Cloud connectors. The Datorama Marketing Cloud connectors can be used to import data from social, mobile and email platforms to review reporting, insights, and analytics across marketing channels. Salesforce is planning to release an email connector and mobile connector this summer, and these will be additional to the Social Studio connector.

The Datorama Developer Portal. The Datorama Developer Portal provides IT, professionals and developers, a set of tools that can help marketers develop custom APIs to track and evaluate campaign data. It can be used to build out custom analytics solutions. The portal includes five different APIs and features, including a Platform API, Query API, Custom Data API Connectors (designed to build customized connectors similar to the social, email and mobile connectors), Python Retrival and Custom Visualization.

The Datorama Activation Centre. Planned for a spring rollout, the Salesforce’s Datorama Activation Centre will allow Marketers to monitor campaign analytics in real-time to optimize their campaigns. It will also allow advertisers to pause under-performing campaigns, or set trigger alerts based on any piece of campaign data or KPI. The alerts can be programmed to go to a mobile device, sent via email or any other communication channel. Its ability to inform marketers about when a campaign is doing well or may need to be tweaked will add a lot of value to the campaign assessments process.

Jon Suarez-Davis, Chief Strategy Officer, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, is reported to have said that Salesforce customers wanted tools that unified data and offered more flexible options to build out custom tools. With the integration of Datorama data, the company is aiming to give marketers more of what they need. He maintained that their customers did not seem to be interested in silos, but,   solutions that bring them together and that’s why they went ahead with the new Datorama data integration, activation and developer tools this product that will expand Marketing Cloud analytics.

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