New AI-Driven Solution for Call Analytics by Dialpad

Voice intelligence

Voice intelligence software platform Dialpad has announced the launch of Dialpad Sell, its new, AI-based product for measuring outbound sales calls. The platform uses Dialpad’s Voice Intelligence (Vi™) to transcribe calls, analyse conversations and measures customer sentiment. It also provides tools for measuring customer sentiment and other important call metrics.

Digital marketers can now analyse call outcomes holistically (and individually) with Dialpad Sell, using its CRM-agnostic integration capabilities. This will allow them to gain a better understanding of their campaigns effectiveness directly from their CRM.

“Dialpad Sell is the perfect solution for sales teams who are looking to simplify their tech stack, close more deals and build better customer relationships,”
Craig Walker, CEO of Dialpad.

“It reduces inefficiencies that come with juggling multiple standalone tools, helps reps reach peak productivity faster and allows them to drive smarter, more strategic conversations throughout the entire sales cycle.”

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Since CRM-enabled call tracking software is increasingly going digital, it is opening opportunities for sales to share insights with the business platforms. For marketers, to have information about what happens on phone calls, gives them a powerful tool to successful agile-digital marketing. When digital teams have accurate insight into customer sentiment, will help them to create better-informed campaigns with customised and targeted content.