NetWise Data LLC, the industry-leading data and information services company that makes data useful for marketers, announced the acquisition of WhoToo, the ‘Data-as-a-Service’ company previously owned by Demandbase. The acquisition will allow NetWise to instantly upgrade the core B2B and B2C data assets currently sourced and distributed by WhoToo with the more accurate, complete, and enriched customer data sets engineered by NetWise. This will revitalize the customer data employed by WhoToo’s current roster of large enterprise clients with the customer expertise and custom segmentation only NetWise can provide, while allowing NetWise, a pioneer in the B2B business data space, to form a more direct relationship with new and existing clients consuming their data.

“We’ve been the core data engine behind the products from dozens of companies since our inception more than 8 years ago,” said Dwight Gorall, CEO of NetWise. “This acquisition is part of a larger strategy to expand our reach, directly interface with our clients, and ensure we’re known as the B2B data pioneers and display advertising experts behind the best programmatic marketing,” he added. “The great thing about this acquisition is that it allows us to reach a new audience of enterprise clients and deliver them instant value.  With no change in their process, WhoToo clients will just get better data almost immediately. It’s like a free and instant upgrade to top-shelf spirits at the same bar you already frequent.”

The move comes amidst a wave of momentum for NetWise who is expanding its client base, team, and operations as it prepares to more directly engage the market. “We’ve updated our website to more clearly articulate our value proposition, engineered new products packaged specifically to serve the common requests of our customers, made this acquisition, and forged other partnerships we’re excited to announce soon as part of our strategic initiative to help our clients build audiences, identify customer intent, and target their marketing intelligently”, Gorall concluded.  NetWise is moving from a white-label model to a direct and branded model in order to better serve clients.  Early signals of this transition came in the branded NetWise presence with Adobe and the Trade Desk, but this acquisition adds tools like the SalesForce Audience Studio, Nielsen Marketing Cloud (eXelate), Lotame and Oracle (bluekai) to the roster of solutions leveraging NetWise technology directly.