NetMotion Partners with Identity Automation to Streamline the Mobile User Experience


Identity Automation, provider of RapidIdentity, the most complete Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform on the market, announced that it has joined theNetMotion partner program to provide mobile workers the industry’s most comprehensive identity, access, and connectivity solution available today. Combining each company’s unique perspective of the mobile worker’s user experience, the partnership gives users an end-to-end solution that delivers the ultimate in identity and access management, while maintaining a resilient Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

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As the expert in mobile VPN technology, NetMotion kicks the mobile experience up a notch by ensuring that field workers maintain always-on access to mission-critical applications on any mobile device, even when switching between weak or non-existent cellular and Wi-Fi networks. Likewise, IT teams deploying NetMotion enjoy unprecedented visibility and granular control over the applications and networks being used by employees.

In the case of Identity Automation, the company’s IAM solution, RapidIdentity has a long history of helping public sector organizations improve security, meet compliance needs, and increase business agility. With capabilities, such as automated lifecycle management, identity governance, and a broad range of authentication methods, RapidIdentity delivers end-to-end identity management, while enabling government agencies to comply with regulations, such as DFR and CJIS, using secure two-factor and multi-factor authentication.

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“Identity Automation and NetMotion are natural complements that together, create a superior option for public sector organizations looking to keep up with today’s evolving compliance and security needs without impacting user productivity,” said James Litton, company CEO and Co-Founder, Identity Automation. “The power of RapidIdentity’s robust MFA solution, alongside NetMotion’s policy controls and content filtering capabilities, ensures secure access for the mobile workforce while optimizing for speed and efficiency.”