Nativo’s Direct Path to Premium Supply Minimizes Programmatic Advertising’s Carbon Footprint

Nativo’s Direct Path to Premium Supply Minimizes Programmatic Advertising's Carbon Footprint

Nativo, the storytelling platform where advertisers and publishers distribute brand stories at scale and gain unparalleled insights about their content, today doubled down on their continued commitment to building a more-sustainable programmatic advertising ecosystem via its direct path to premium supply. Nativo’s announcement comes at a time when the digital advertising ecosystem is struggling to rein in its ballooning carbon footprint caused by wasteful intermediaries within the programmatic supply chain and rampant bid request duplication.

Through single-path publisher relationships, Nativo eliminates duplicate auctions from the bidstream, greatly reducing the environmental impact of any given ad impression. At the same time, the company employs automated traffic-shaping technology helping to improve the relevance of bid requests and reduce overall carbon emissions generated by the auction process.

“Being an industry leader is about more than just doing what’s right for your business. It’s about helping to build a more-sustainable industry by embracing models that help advertisers and publishers achieve their goals while still supporting the overall health of the marketplace and our planet,” said Ryan Pfeifle, Head of Programmatic Strategy at Nativo. “That’s why Nativo supports the most direct possible path to premium supply. This is the direction the entire industry is heading right now, and we’re already there. In fact, we were built that way from inception.”

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As ads work their way through the programmatic ecosystem, every step requires energy and computing power, which generates carbon emissions. Meanwhile, the aggressive auction duplication tactics that have become common on the open internet give way to a rising number of bid requests for any given ad impression, resulting in higher ad tech operating costs and carbon footprints.

“To build a greener industry, the digital ecosystem needs to reduce the number of intermediaries through which an ad must travel between the advertisers and the publisher,” said Pfeifle. “To that end, advertisers should be seeking the most efficient supply path to publishers, while publishers themselves should be optimizing the number of partners they allow to bid on every impression. As a partner, Nativo supports these needs on both sides of the equation.”

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