Nativex Joins TikTok’s Marketing Partner Program, and Now Provides Campaigns and Creative Management Tools

Nativex Joins TikTok's Marketing Partner Program, and Now Provides Campaigns and Creative Management Tools

Nativex , a leading mobile-first advertising platform dedicated to driving ROI, today announced a strategic partnership with TikTok, the world’s leading short-term mobile video destination with the mission to inspire creativity and bring joy. Nativex’s XMP system is joining the TikTok Marketing Partners program, reinforcing the platform’s campaign and creative management offered to global advertisers. This partnership demonstrates Nativex’s status as a leader in the mobile marketing space.

Nativex’s XMP platform offers a simplified approach to achieving results on TikTok. Through the XMP platform, users can create, distribute and manage all workflows associated with their campaigns. Users have full transparency on the creative content of a given campaign, and can fully automate the creative management of their campaigns on TikTok and other major advertising platforms.

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In addition, features such as creating batch and template ads allow advertisers to scale campaigns quickly and easily. This news shows Nativex’s commitment to pioneering solutions that drive customers’ businesses.

“Marketers and advertisers see new opportunities for public engagement around TikTok, and are fighting for an opportunity to participate,” said Jin Ye , XMP director, Nativex. “This partnership ensures that marketers and advertisers can better execute campaign initiatives through TikTok and achieve greater results.” We are pleased to deliver the tools that meet the growing needs of our community and ultimately benefit from their end results. ”