Narrative and Specialists Marketing Services Partner to Deliver Narrative Data Streaming Platform Users Access to SMS’s Comprehensive Location Database

Narrative and Specialists Marketing Services Partner to Deliver Narrative Data Streaming Platform Users Access to SMS's Comprehensive Location Database

Narrative, the Data Streaming Platform that makes it easy to buy, sell and win, and Specialists Marketing Services, Inc. (SMS), a leading targeted marketing solution provider, today announced they are partnering to give Narrative’s Data Streaming Platform users access to SMS’s comprehensive location database to help them better understand and target who their customers are, where those customers are, and what they are interested in.

“Our partnership with SMS makes it easier to leverage and activate quality location data to feed customer research and engagement, develop insights that improve decision-making, and contribute to delivering real business results,” said Nick Jordan, founder and CEO of Narrative. “Making SMS’s data available through the Narrative Data Streaming Platform gives our users a powerful tool that can immediately fuel their multi-channel data and marketing needs.”

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With over 240 million consumers and hundreds of targeting attributes, SMS offers a variety of offline and online consumer segments for advanced targeting, data enrichment, analytics, and measurement across multiple digital channels. SMS now also offers a high-quality raw location data set, powered by Great Data Lake, that strongly helps with mapping signals in various use cases including transportation analytics, city planning, survey and mapping activities, mobility, identity, mobile/app analytics, and ad-tech targeting and measurement.

“SMS continues to build a strong presence online with our proprietary consumer-based data solutions. Our location data offering, for example, adds another layer of value to both new and existing mobile partners in ad-tech,” said Lon Mandel, CEO of SMS. “We are excited about our new partnership with Narrative, as it will help significantly expand the use of our data offerings in a broad range of industries to help users grow, monetize and optimize customer acquisition and retention.”

The Narrative Data Streaming Platform gives users rapid access to data from more than 55 suppliers with just one integration. In addition to SMS, Narrative users can tap into a variety of permission-based data types from providers, including age, device, digital identity, gender, household income, location, mobile app, point-of-interest, transaction, and television, among other data sources.

For more information about the Narrative Data Streaming Platform and SMS’s location database solution, visit here.

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SMS is a data-driven, multi-channel marketing company that provides strategic customer acquisition services to leading brands, agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. As a leading provider of quality offline and online consumer and new mover segments, and with a proven track record in both the direct mail and digital channels, Specialists offers a high level of targeting accuracy at scale across multiple channels.