Namogoo, a company pioneering Customer Hijacking Prevention and protecting user privacy for online enterprises, announced its certified integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud to protect online businesses from the widespread problem of client-side ad injections that cut into their bottom lines.

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The integration allows customers to easily implement Namogoo’s solution to protect their businesses from Customer Journey Hijacking, a growing issue only discovered in recent years that disrupts consumer site visits and can cost brands hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. 15-25% of web visitors are disrupted by unauthorized ads injected into consumer browsers including banners, pop-ups, and in-text redirects that distract them from the intended online experience and divert them to other sites. 40-70% of these ads include offers and recommendations from direct competitors. Because these ads are caused by digital malware running on the customer’s browser, device, or WiFi network, they effectively bypass server-side visibility and control.

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Namogoo monitors and analyzes web sessions from the server all the way to customer browsers, identifies an invasive activity, and then prevents it from running. Online brands using Namogoo such as Asics, Samsonite, Lenovo, Argos, Dollar Shave Club, Office Depot, and more, have seen consistent increases in conversion rates immediately following their implementation of the solution.