MultiVu Announces Digital Content Studio, Adds New Solutions to Product Lineup

Content marketing

Few comms solutions are one-size-fits-all, and digital content is no exception. MultiVu’s new Digital Content Studio (DCS) gives agencies and brands flexible access to a full suite of landing page creation capabilities. These options enable quick turnaround of engaging digital content to support shifting PR, Comms, and Marketing initiatives.

Good content is always in demand. In fact, the creation of microsites and marketing content is moving at a record-breaking pace, and markets are consuming the media faster than ever. It has been estimated that content marketing worldwide will increase by 16% annually through 2021.

Digital Content Studio will empower you to diversify and amplify your brand’s content ecosystem. Whether you are trying to reach media or consumers, broad audiences or niche demographics, we’ll help you identify a solution that best fits your use case – from content amplification to media-only resources.

“There’s tension between what communicators need in the moment and how quickly internal resources can crank it out,” said Rebecca Cuffley-Wagner, Product Manager. “MultiVu’s revamped digital product suite is tailored to brands and agencies who can empathize with that statement. These products and services are meant to supplement existing content, and while each option comes with some distributions on their own, we’re also well-stocked with a plethora of earned and paid strategies that can help you smash through any key goals.”

We’ve been building microsites since 2004 when we rolled out the Multimedia News Release. Our revamped Multichannel News Release (MNR) will still be a feature in our new suite of services; however, it will be accompanied by more options based on successful use cases of digital content creation and distribution. Don’t see what you’re looking for in our options? Let’s talk. These are meant as a conversation starter; we can customize a solution to specifically meet your needs.

How It Works

There are 3 ways to collaborate on digital content with DCS:

1 – A La Carte

Buy any of the solutions for your current campaign. You’ll work with a Customer Success Manager and Web Design team to optimize the microsite for you. Pay full price but only buy what you need for your current project.

2 – Yearly Access Plan

Our yearly access plan provides the ability to build relevant, dynamic content at scale as your needs evolve. Plans start at $60k and give you a dedicated team to help you strategize and optimize your digital content. The Digital Content Studio provides the best of both worlds – a proprietary CMS that quickens the pace of site turnaround with designers to make the pages as custom as you need them to be. Plus, this plan gives you a discount on each microsite strategy.

3 – Included for MultiVu Subscribers

Are you a MultiVu Subscription Partner? For anyone at the Silver tier Subscription or above, Digital Content Studio is available to you immediately. You’ll still get the dedicated team and strategy sessions as well as Preferred Partner Pricing.