Modigie and Osmond Marketing Announce Strategic Partnership

Modigie and Osmond Marketing Announce Strategic Partnership-01

Modigie, a B2B sales enablement and productivity platform focused on mobile communication and employer validation, announced today a strategic partnership with Osmond Marketing to help businesses scale customer engagement in this post-COVID “work from anywhere” era. This new partnership adds expanded exposure of Modigie’s contact enrichment and hygiene solution to more market segments, prospects, and brands across multiple verticals.

Osmond Marketing, an award-winning, full-service digital transformation agency, has partnered with Modigie to drive awareness of Modigie’s most recent innovation: the Modigie Managed Package.

Modigie’s new and innovative solution was created to help improve SDR and outbound sales rep productivity and connection rates by

  • appending leads (or contacts) with validated mobile phone numbers;
  • providing “best time to call,” where Modigie receives, interprets, and presents activity patterns for each mobile phone number Modigie returns in its result set;
  • just-in-time employer verification for each lead or contact, flagging those who have changed employers; and
  • providing phone insights identifying which of the phone numbers in your CRM are mobile and in-service, as well as yielding the best time to call for most mobile numbers.

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“The Modigie Managed Package is disrupting the way data is sourced as well as utilized, enabling companies to access the 90–95% of previously inaccessible data,” said Emily Woll, COO of Osmond Marketing. “Not only can many of our clients benefit from the increased sales productivity it provides, but it will also make an enormous impact on the way the world uses and accesses mobile phone data for B2B engagement. We are excited to be part of this industry transformation and offer these essential tools to our customers.”

“We’re excited to continue working with Osmond Marketing,” said Ken Hoppe, cofounder of Modigie. “Their focus on B2B digital transformation and ability to drive marketplace change in healthcare, real estate, and high tech is second to none, and we are excited to participate in bringing value to their clients. They have been instrumental in our go-to-market strategy and execution and will be our valued marketing partner for Modigie moving forward.”

Ted Elliott, CEO of Copado, said, “When we first started with Modigie over a year ago, the world was a very different place. There were many more engagement options through which our sales and marketing staff could operate. In-person meetings, lunch & learns, and conferences to connect live and share our value proposition. Back then, Modigie was one of the most useful and effective tools in our top-of-funnel campaigns to engage net-new prospects. Today, it is essential.”

Justin Allen, director of sales at Sumo Logic, said, “The ability to layer in Modigie into the cadence across a traditional outbound prospecting campaign of six to eight touches – consisting of email, call and LinkedIn – was powerful. We loaded up our net-new contacts and had almost a 75% hit rate in meetings. And these were high-level contacts at marquee companies.”

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