Mobiquity Technologies Launches Advangelists for Publishers

Mobiquity Technologies, Publishers

Mobiquity Technologies, Inc. announced the launch of a full-featured programmatic and direct sales media management platform for publishers. The Advangelists ATOS (Ad Tech Operating System) now enables publishers to connect and control all their disparate media sales channels in a unified platform. A leading technology provider in next-generation mobile advertising media, Mobiquity is utilizing machine learning algorithms within the Advangelists’ publisher platform to identify the most optimal opportunities for media owners seeking to maximize revenue and satisfy fulfillment rates.

Using Advangelists, publishers can understand the value of each independent advertising sales channel. The platform recognizes higher yields by understanding the relationship between audience performance and advertiser demand, with models predicting publisher fulfillment accordingly. Operational efficiency is captured by unifying both direct and programmatic media sales channels, relying on machine learning instead of manually maintaining and monitoring waterfall approaches to ad sales fulfillment. Advangelists’ also seeks to further improve performance by isolating ad fraud.

The new unified media sales management platform will support a variety of media channels including mobile, video, digital billboards, AR/VR, and standard display advertising. Statistica reports U.S. ad expenditure in 2019 will amount to 240.7 billion U.S. dollars, up from 223.7 billion recorded in 2018, with the largest share of ad expenditure already attributed to mobile media, closely followed by TV. By 2022 mobile is expected to surpass television advertising by an even greater margin. Content publishers increasingly experiencing a shift in media consumption toward digital channels, are also evolving toward more automated programmatic advertising sales channels whilst integrating protocols for legacy ad sales management.

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