Mobile App Development & Voice Technology Will Craft Better Future For Us

Voice Technology

The future of voice technology and how mobile app development can make it more valuable. More power to the Voice recognition by rendering the AI chatbots, VR, Personal Assistant, Virtual Assistant, and Smart Home speaker.

The future of voice technology is very brighter in the sense of better internet search option but it is more than what we expected from it. Voice recognition is something that demands human touch in technology. Many upcoming tech products solely rely on speech recognition, i.e. smart home speakers, voice search, personal assistant, and voice-based apps. The future of technology always depends on those technologies that are useful and reliable for users and voice technology have all the guts to justify itself.

The voice technology aligns with the latest technology that makes an easy life for the consumer. Several technologies that clearly relies on voice recognition are AI chatbot, personal assistant or virtual assistant, smart home speaker and so on. A survey shows the dependency of voice recognition in search. People are addicted to the Google Assistant and Siri, the virtual assistant making a buzz and it will the revolutionary innovation in voice technology.

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Ben Gomes, Head of Search at Google, quoted “Speech recognition and the understanding of language is core to the future of search and information, but there are lots of hard problems such as understanding how a reference works, understanding what ‘he’, ‘she’ or ‘it’ refers to in a sentence. It’s not at all a trivial problem to solve in language and that’s just one of the millions of problems to solve in language.”

Several new mobile applications provide the feature of translating the voice into text. It gives the better use of social apps and helps to communicate fast. The way users cater voice technology in mobile app development is different but the purpose is the same, easy interaction. Besides translating human voice into text form or change it to another language, there are ample benefits with mobile applications.

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Mike Cohen, Manager of Speech Technologies at Google, quoted “So the lexical models are built by stringing together acoustic models, the language model is built by stringing together word models, and it all gets compiled into one enormous representation of spoken English, let’s say, and that becomes the model that gets learned from data, and that recognizes or searches when some acoustics come in and it needs to find out what’s my best guess at what just got said.”

The Google Assistant and Siri are the two chatbots that creating interest in voice technology. Nowadays, people are dependent to search anything on the internet with these virtual assistants. The dependency on the personal assistant and flowing markets of smart home speaker indicates a positive future of voice technology in our lives. It will ready to make an impact and cater to the sense of making easier technology for us.

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As technology always face the updating phase in its early stage, therefore, the voice technology is also facing some serious issues like mixing noises, background noise, gender approach, different language tone and similar sound for different words. The biggest challenge is the pronunciation of words and speech tone or accent by region, for example, the word except & accept sound similar, thus it complex to find out the correct one.

To make the speech recognition error less and implementing the human touch, Google hired a team of popular comedian, influencers, industry experts. Google wants to give a human touch in it’s Google assistant. The striving efforts to make the voice technology more accurate and easy for the consumer shows the marketing strategy. The monetization and revenue will depend on the useful technologies that feed value in users lives and voice technology is one of them.

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