MindTickle Accelerates Leadership in Readiness for Customer-Centric Companies


MindTickle, the leader in Sales Readiness technology, announced key results and milestones demonstrating significant growth in the enterprise segment, expansion across services, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and life sciences, and financial services industries, and continued leadership in the high-growth and high tech market. Companies are looking to not only enable their sales and customer-facing teams with the right content but also leverage better data to ensure these teams are ready to engage prospects and customers through the right skills and behaviors tied to better business outcomes. As organizations of all sizes partnered with MindTickle to realize this goal, MindTickle accelerated its leadership adding to its list of remarkable customers in 2019, achieving almost 170% growth in enterprise customer acquisition. 2019 was also a banner year for MindTickle having raised $40M in Series C in a funding round led by Norwest Venture Partners as well as bringing innovative new products to market, earning recognition from industry associations, analysts and experts, and posting record levels of platform engagement.

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“As organizations look to maximize the potential of every seller and customer-facing rep, they’re looking for solutions to drive a personalized, adaptive experience to ensure the desired mix of field knowledge, skill, and behavior focused on customer-first outcomes,” said Krishna Depura, CEO and co-founder of MindTickle. “They’re building on existing sales training, learning and coaching investments while replacing siloed tools for microlearning or video role-play with a single, holistic and AI-enhanced solution that measurably improves sales effectiveness. Our growth, as evidenced by our revenues, customer acquisition and the record number of seven-figure, multi-year deals, as well as recognition in the market, owes as much to the support we receive from our customers and partners as does our relentless pursuit of innovation and breadth across our readiness platform. We look forward to continuing the partnership with our current customers while welcoming new organizations to the fold.”

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