Alphavima Technologies today announced the release of PREXA365. PREXA365 is a cloud-based Equipment Rental Management System powered by Microsoft Dynamics and offers a new way for SMBs & Mid-market to manage, grow, and optimize their businesses within the Equipment Rental Industry. With its robust reporting and analytics, this innovative solution removes many of the organizational challenges that businesses in the Equipment Rental Industry commonly face.

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“As Microsoft partners, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive business solutions that align with the platforms our customers know and love,” says Shivraj Dheer, CEO of Alphavima Technologies. “PREXA365 simplifies the daily tasks of managing an Equipment Rental Business through automation — both lowering costs and also improving ROI.”

Core features of PREXA365 include:

  • Customer Engagement
  • Sales tracking & performance
  • Rental management
  • Asset lifecycle management including preventive maintenance
  • Vendor and purchase management
  • Reporting & Analytics as per ARA guidelines
  • Customer facing portal

In the digital age, connectivity and immediacy have become integral to customer experience. As Equipment Rental Businesses grow, it is more important than ever that they keep pace with customer expectations — and this means developing capabilities to predict market demand, maximizing utilization (days on rent), managing fluctuations in cash flow, and ensuring that equipment is serviced on a regular basis to increase its lifespan and resale value.

This is where PREXA365 comes in. Built on the back of Microsoft technology, this all-in-one digital solution provides the functionality to streamline operations and improve profitability — allowing rental companies to plan, execute, monitor, and improve operations, all while enhancing the customer’s experience via rental contracts and invoices generated without delay.

With the pace of life ever increasing, existing Equipment Rental businesses need to guard themselves against new challenges. PREXA365 provides a direct line-of-sight to changing industry trends, allowing companies to remain agile and in control.