Metricstory Introduces Keyword Genius: A One-Click Solution That Unlocks New Revenue Streams for E-Commerce and Search Marketers

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Metricstory, an intelligent, automated marketing analytics software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider, has announced early access for a new offering, Keyword Genius, that enables marketers to tap into new revenue opportunities directly from their websites. With Keyword Genius, marketers can quickly see the revenue impact in days and weeks, not months and quarters.

Marketers can now scientifically drive incremental revenue while eliminating hours of manual analysis with Keyword Genius. Powered by Metricstory’s underlying machine learning and advanced algorithms, Keyword Genius enables marketers to instantly act on curated, high-value keywords, make keyword bid adjustments, make shopping bid modifications and turn SEO queries into SEM keywords in a few simple clicks.

“We developed Keyword Genius in collaboration with some of our early customers. By focusing on identifying high-value opportunities, Keyword Genius frees up marketers to get back to more human work of serving their customers,” said Joshua Gebhardt, CEO, and co-founder of Metricstory.

The Metricstory team has enabled e-Commerce leaders responsible for revenue to deliver tens of thousands of dollars in additional revenue while maintaining or improving on the critical measure of ROAS, or return on ad spend.

Implementing and using Keyword Genius takes minutes to install and start seeing keywords. First, marketers download and connect Google Ads accounts to generate opportunities based on ads and performance data. Next, Keyword Genius understands account data and uses it for specific, customized recommendations for Keywords and Shopping. Finally, marketers can share or act on opportunities from the Chrome Extension so they don’t have to break focus.

“Keyword Genius is a very powerful extension that gives insights that you really can’t see any other way. If you spend money with Google, you need this tool,” said Tom Gonser, founder of DocuSign, General Partner at Seven Peaks Ventures and a member of the board for Metricstory.