Method360 Launches The Data Management Accelerator

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Method360 Launches The Data Management Accelerator

Method360, a leading professional services firm focused on Data, Analytics and AI, is proud to announce the release of The Data Management Accelerator (DMA). For decades Method360 has advised its clients on data strategies that enhance critical business objectives and effectively leverage data. Method360’s DMA fast-tracks that process with the capture of information required to understand current and future reliances on data and how to prepare to meet critical business objectives and build a competitive market advantage.

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According to a recent Gartner study, most companies have made minimal investments in analytics and data management and are storing larger and larger amounts of data. This creates an environment of confusion, regulatory exposure and the potential for poor decision-making based on inaccurate data.

The DMA, powered by Lusynt, is the first in a series of proprietary Data, Analytics and AI digital transformation solutions that maximize the value of business data.  According to James Hanck, Method360’s Co-Founder and Vice President, “The Data Management Accelerator enables Method360 to quickly provide its clients with an accurate analysis of their maturity in data and analytics capabilities and enables our team of professionals to swiftly chart the right path forward to meet their immediate and long-term business objectives.”

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