Metcal to Introduce New Digital Handheld Convection Tool for Soldering and Reworking Applications


Metcal, part of OK International and Dover (NYSE: DOV), and a leader in benchtop soldering for electronics and industrial manufacturing, today announced the launch of its new HCT-910 Hot Air Rework System digital handheld convection tool. This hot air system is an accurate, high thermal performance unit that is ideal for a wide variety of board soldering and reworking applications.

“The HCT-910 improves the user experience significantly by adding features such as ‘on the fly’ manual control, which utilizes a single push-button knob to adjust, control, and quickly toggle between temperature and airflow. This intuitive design, in combination with accurate temperature, will improve throughput while maintaining a rigid quality process,” said Curtis Yamauchi, Product Manager of Metcal.

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The HCT-910 balances precision with the high performance expected by sophisticated industrial users. The system can generate 900 watts of heat with a maximum temperature of 600 °C, expanding the capability beyond standard thermal demand applications. The complete system for each model includes the hot air tool, power cord, and hand-piece cradle to support a variety of soldering and rework applications. The HCT-910 has configurations for worldwide input voltages and offers an intuitive user interface, multiple language settings, and a USB port to update software and power peripherals such as fans, lights, cameras, or even a cell phone. In addition, a multi-color status light lets operators know the status of the unit.

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