Email marketing platform MessageGears will now provide support for Google’s AMP for Email. Customers will be able to include interactive AMP components within their emails.

The AMP-enabled features allow recipients to take actions — such as RSVPing to an event — directly within an email, rather than following a redirect to a different site or landing page.

Creating an interactive environment directly within the inbox could boost email engagement. AMP for Email also offers new opportunities for marketers to learn more about their subscribers through the actions they take within their emails. Those actions can then be used to inform personalization.

At a time when consumers crave — and respond to — personalized content, marketers who leverage AMP for Email to deliver personalized experiences to the inbox can anticipate the best results.

“AMP now enables all-new email experiences like being able to submit RSVPs to events, fill out questionnaires, browse catalogs, or respond to comments right within the email,” wrote the Google AMP team in introducing the product earlier this year. “Emails can also stay up to date, displaying the freshest content from comment threads or the latest recommendations.”