Merkle Launches Localized Media Solution in Conjunction with Media Storm

Merkle Launches Localized Media Solution in Conjunction with Media Storm

Hyper-local solution aids brands in creating personalized end-to-end experiences for consumers

Merkle, a leading technology-enabled, data-driven performance marketing agency, has created a localized media solution that helps encapsulate Merkle’s dynamic creative optimization strategy services and digital experience capabilities in conjunction with Media Storm, a Merkle company and leading data-driven marketing agency. The solution is an end-to-end, fully localized experience that enables national brands to reach consumers in different ways across the country.

Following the launch of Merkle’s COVID-19 Market Impact Dashboards, which inform marketers of shifting consumer spend, the agency saw a need for a new solution to help brands deal with the complexities of consumers at various stages and levels of impact during recovery. When evaluating post-quarantine rates, Merkle recognized that marketers need to focus on frequency with demand-based segmentation. Through localized media capabilities, Media Storm has helped brands eliminate up to 65% of media waste when tied to sales and CRM data directly. Other benefits include three to five times frequency exposure, accurate audiences at an ID level, and multi-touch attribution.

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Together, Merkle and Media Storm are helping to inform and enable brands through the entire site experience. By utilizing resources such as CRM insights and addressable targeting, including Merkle’s COVID-19 Market Impact Dashboard data, the site experience is crafted to drive peak media performance.

Following its acquisition by Merkle, Media Storm has also refined its hyper-local media capabilities to help enhance existing localized experiences by homing in on specific neighborhoods or blocks. Utilizing its new in-home audience network, Media Storm helps provide a premium scale for the connected customer, across audio, news, shopping, drama, reality, and other platforms. With consumer behaviors shifting to a deep stack of media, it can be measured at a hyper-local ID level, with the help of this new solution for in-home captivity.

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“The media landscape has changed, and hyper-local media with scale must drive the right demand at the right time. Merkle created this solution to help brands deliver a more empathetic experience to address the complexities of consumers at various stages and levels of impact during COVID recovery,” said Craig Woerz, managing partner at Media Storm. “Now, more than ever, we need to approach our marketing tactics at a localized level. These offerings will help marketers and brands alike respond to audience behaviors and needs on a greater scale while offering customized business approaches.”

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