MerchLogix Extends Space Planning Solution With New Planogram Offering

MerchLogix Extends Space Planning Solution With New Planogram Offering-01

MerchLogix, a leading provider of space planning and merchandise operations software, today unveiled MerchLogix Planogram, the latest addition to its suite of cloud-based technology solutions for retail. Planogram empowers a collaborative approach to space planning, connecting stores and merchants with role-based access to shared planograms. Replacing spreadsheets and shared files, Planogram delivers a single version of each planogram accessible by all parties who need it. The result is more accurate, compliant planograms completed in less time. These efficiencies positively impact store profitability and decrease in-store order-fulfillment time.

“Retailers and grocers alike told us that planograms were difficult to create, maintain, distribute, and update,” said Nick Downey, CEO of MerchLogix. “They confirmed that nothing in the space planning software market provided the flexibility and accessibility needed by planners and in-store staff.

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They were challenged with multiple versions of planograms throughout the organization. There wasn’t a way to know when and if resets were completed and in compliance. MerchLogix Planogram solves these issues and puts everyone on the same page. We spent a year field-testing Planogram with a major retailer to perfect the solution.”

MerchLogix Planogram is shelf-level planning for the 21st century, presented in a user interface that’s modern and easy to use. Retailers can ditch their shared drive and use Planogram as the single, accessible source for current versions of any planogram.

“As a SaaS solution, MerchLogix Planogram offers more collaboration and accessibility than on-premise software,” said Kirk Bauer, Vice President of Engineering at MerchLogix. “It delivers the visual planning tools that retailers need, combined with the insights of in-store space and fixtures to improve compliance dramatically. We’ve turned planogramming from a function into a conversation.”

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MerchLogix Planogram is the latest module in the MerchLogix solution that also includes:

  • MerchLogix Survey to gather store-level data by anyone with a browser.
  • MerchLogix Project to drive collaborative and compliant in-store execution.
  • MerchLogix Floorplan for always-accurate macro space planning.
  • MerchLogix Order to manage fixtures and other non-merchandise assets.
  • MerchLogix Data to discover actionable insights.

MerchLogix Planogram is immediately available from MerchLogix.

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