MeetingPulse Upgrades Audience Response & Interaction Platform With The Announcement Of Templates

MeetingPulse Upgrades Audience Response & Interaction Platform With The Announcement Of Templates

MeetingPulse, a leader in interactive engagement solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of platform templates. The eight new templates were designed and formulated by interaction experts to provide quick-start solutions for MeetingPulse’s most popular use cases for enterprise, human resources, IT, and event teams. By eliminating the need to strategize about which interactive tools to choose from, MeetingPulse experts now provide scenario-based shortcut-solutions that save the users’ time.

Specializing in interactive employee engagement and audience response tools, MeetingPulse offers browser-based modules to improve event participation such as Live Q&A, Polling, Surveys, and Quizzes. Development of the platform has moved quickly over the past 12 months with modules including conditional-logic forms, multi-topic Q&A, brainstorming & ideation, weighted voting and more added to the platform. Templates will provide MeetingPulse users with a way to get up and running quicky with the new modules, and inspire new thinking on leveraging the functionality for leadership meetings, town halls, HR recruiting and candidate interviews, in-person conferences, investor and dealmaking events, HOAs and boards, broadcast television, and more.

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“The release of platform templates will greatly enhance our existing offering by providing our customers with methods of getting their meetings configured and started quickly,” said Aaron Lifshin, CEO of MeetingPulse. “Templates will also make our largest enterprise clients’ onboarding of new users much easier and require less training. As companies and associations move to more hybrid and in-person gatherings, we wanted to provide a way for our clients to quickly understand how they can save time and budget and drive increased value by leveraging more of the platform they’ve paid for across more of their meetings, conferences, launches and other business initiatives.”

Templates now included in the MeetingPulse platform:

  • Pre-Event Survey
  • Lead Gen/Marketing App
  • Speaker / Session Evaluation
  • All-Hands Meeting
  • Full Conference App
  • Sales Kickoff Conference
  • HOA Voting
  • Shareholder / Investor Weighted Voting
  • Panel Interview with Candidate Rating

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