Medicx Health Launches AdLift Rx, a State-of-the-Art Solution for Media Campaign Measurement

Medicx Health Launches AdLift Rx_ a State-of-the-Art Solution for Media Campaign Measurement

Medicx Health, a leading analytics driven healthcare marketing solutions company, proudly announces the launch of AdLift Rx, the new state-of-the-art media measurement platform that combines audience quality and post-campaign impact metrics with deep, actionable insights.

Developed using unique and rich integrated proprietary information sources, AdLift Rx was created to help healthcare marketers identify who a campaign reaches, what actions they take, and why they respond. The foundation is an industry-leading anonymized patient level longitudinal data consisting of adjudicated medical and pharmacy prescription claims. Supplementing this data is Medicx’s consumer-level database with over 200 attributes, including demographics, psychographics, lifestyles, and media preferences.

“With AdLift Rx, pharmaceutical companies and agencies can now truly understand the profile of who they reach, and the key drivers of campaign performance,” noted Ira Haimowitz, Medicx Senior VP of Analytics Solutions and Insights. “This combination assists marketers in optimizing diverse campaign levers including creative, media channels, targeting, and execution.”

AdLift Rx provides unrivaled, customizable insights that give marketers the opportunity to view and analyze their campaigns through various stages, answering the key campaign questions of whowhat and why. Keeping true to Medicx’s commitment to privacy, the entire AdLift Rx process, from data matching to delivered results, is privacy-safe and HIPAA compliant. Results are delivered within an industry-leading business intelligence platform for visual and interactive results.

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Mark Degatano, whose extensive pharmaceutical experience includes VP of US Human Health Customer Insights at Merck, noted that “AdLift Rx is a groundbreaking and welcome addition to the current analytic offerings in our industry. The platform provides rigorous analytics with striking, intuitive visualizations that together gain trust among marketers and analysts alike.”

Medicx Health offers an integrated closed-loop solution that allows healthcare marketers to leverage consistent datasets throughout the marketing cycle, from planning to execution to measurement.