Mediavine Launches the Second of Its Two First-Party Data Solutions for Publishers

Mediavine Launches the Second of Its Two First-Party Data Solutions for Publishers

Mediavine, the largest exclusive ad management company in the U.S., is pleased to roll out the second of two different first-party data solutions for its community of ±7,500 publishers. is Mediavine’s existing proprietary audience engagement framework and the Mediavine Identity API is the company’s new JavaScript API. Both are lightweight, privacy-centric technologies that provide first-party data to the bid stream as an alternative to third-party cookies.

Launched in 2020, is an all-inclusive toolkit designed to incentivize audience authentication with features including sharing, saving, recommended content and email opt-ins, among others. The technology requires only a single sign-on (SSO) for all websites in the network. is live in beta testing with more than 2,000 Mediavine publishers and has active integrations with LiveRamp and The Trade Desk.

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Launched in January 2021, Mediavine’s Identity API provides publishers with additional abilities to customize their approach to authenticated traffic. Additionally, the Identity API reflects an open standard, permitting future integrations with data providers that enter the marketplace. The Identity API is currently integrated with Slickstream, a cloud-based service provider offering engagement solutions to publishers, bloggers and content marketers, among others.

“Publishers of all sizes need addressable solutions that persist in the face of browser- and device-level restrictions,” said Eric Hochberger, Mediavine CEO and Co-Founder. “ is our turnkey solution for the demise of third-party cookies in Chrome, but it is important we offer a solution for publishers who prefer more control in the first-party data gathering process. The Identity API allows publisher freedom and creates opportunities for integrations with companies like Slickstream.”

“At Slickstream, it’s our firm belief that publishers come first,” said Kingston Duffie, CEO of Slickstream. “We’re excited to provide deep and secure integrations with full-service ad management providers like Mediavine, to better ensure all our users are prepared for a third-party cookieless internet or any other changes still to come.”