MediaMath and LiveRamp extend partnership to Brazil

MediaMath and LiveRamp extend partnership to Brazil-01 (1)

LiveRamp (NYSE:RAMP ) and MediaMath today announced the expansion of their global partnership to Latin America, starting with integrations across Brazil. Advertisers in 13 markets worldwide will now be able to access LiveRamp’s privacy-first, people-based RampID identifier within SOURCE, MediaMath’s bidding infrastructure.

As a result of the expanded integration, brands will be able to reach and measure target audiences with greater scale, accuracy and control. Above all, they will be able to deliver robust performance and more relevant ads to consumers, without relying on unstable identifiers such as third-party cookies or mobile ad identifiers.

As the ecosystem experiences fragmentation, advertisers must develop strategies to continue reaching their audiences. Brazilian consumers, for example, are frequenting a variety of channels. A recent report by Bornlogic/Opinion Box pointed out that the majority of consumers who shop online in Brazil use websites, marketplaces, store apps and shopping aggregator apps. To navigate the growing number of touchpoints in the ecosystem, advertisers must take an agile and omnichannel approach, thus enabling a holistic strategy with commercial results.

Despite increasing challenges and restrictions, advertisers using RampID on SOURCE benefit from the increased flexibility and transparency generated by the partnership, including the ability to:
  • Perform marketing tactics with greater precision, including targeting, audience suppression, frequency capping, and connecting offline and online transaction data
  • Resolve offline and online data across devices, platforms, and third parties for more accurate, people-based measurement and a more robust understanding of ROI
  • Offer better consumer experiences, including website personalization and greater consumer control over their preferences and data
  • Bringing advertisers and publishers closer to individuals, leading to better performance, stronger relationships with individuals and control over data

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“Our goal is to establish an ecosystem based on people, authentication and trust that will benefit advertisers, publishers and consumers equitably,” said Justin Kuykendall, Managing Director of Addressability for LiveRamp in Latin America. “Without a scalable, addressable identity solution, advertisers will not be able to engage and measure audiences and will not be able to provide the customer journey and experience that consumers expect. As a result, publishers will be unable to generate ad revenue. and publishers evolving in parallel with Brazil’s General Data Protection Law (LGPD) or anticipating the eventual discontinuation of third-party cookies, they will be able to benefit from immediate gains with test solutions that today work in environments with and without cookies. ”

MediaMath uses the RampID to bid on display, mobile and connected TV (CTV) advertising inventory. The partnership of MediaMath and LiveRamp enhances MediaMath’s ability to connect with users in a people-based, privacy-conscious manner, deepening its ability to deliver relevant ads and an enhanced consumer experience.

“As part of our ‘signal-agnostic’ approach, we focused on maximizing scale and addressability through the integration of multiple common IDs, enabling customers to reach users regardless of identifier or platform,” said Guillermo Abud , General Manager of MediaMath in Latin America. “As part of the integration with LiveRamp, we are helping brands reach their audiences with more scale, precision and control. We can already see many of these brands taking advantage of the global infrastructure and strategy in the US and Europe. of this partnership to Brazil and, soon, also to other markets in Latin America”, he said.

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